Golden Statue Pineapple Bun Premix 500G 金像牌 菠蘿包 500克
$19.99 USD

Product Details:

Golder Statue specialty flours are the product who rely on Gold Statue's consistent, premium quality when creating their masterpieces. Now you can bake like a professional at home with our Golden State Premix Series. This Hong Kong Cafeteria Series is a reliable help not just for enthusiastic beginners but also skilled home bakers.



Product Warnings:

This product contains gluten, milk and products

Product Usage:

Recommended to follow the instrcutions mentioned in the back of the package

Storage Condition:

Store in a cool and dry place. Store in an airtight container once opened.


Dough mix: Wheat flour, sugar, milk powder, salt Crust mix: Wheat flour, sugar milk powder, raising agent (500ii, 341i & 450i) Yeast: YeaSt, Emulsifier (491)

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