Nong's Cough Formula 4g x 6 bags 農本方止咳沖劑 (止嗽散) 4克 x 6包
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Product Description

Nong's ® instantly Soluble Chinese Medicine is extracted by replicating the traditional method of preparing decoction using modern extraction and concentration technologies. It is instanly soluble in water and eliminates the tedious and complicated process of boiling herbs, while retaining the degree of curative efficacy, aroma and taste as in traditionally-prepared medicinal decoction.

  • It can effectively soothe sore throat, hoarseness and shsortness of breath due to coughing.
  • Non-drowsy, No side effects.
  • 舒緩咳嗽及因咳嗽引起的痰多、痰粘難咯、咯痰及呼吸不順暢、喉痛聲沙等症狀
  • 無睡意,無副作用
  • 獨立包裝、即沖即服、方便可靠

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