On Kee Brazilian Fish Maw (12-14pcs/ catty)  安記 12 - 14 /斤 巴西花膠公
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Features :Produced by Larimichthys crocea (known as Large Yellow Croaker), It's long and slim in shape, thick,  rich in gelatin, Brazilian Fish Maw is an above-average grading fish maw. Tender and chewy in texture, it is sweet and delicate in flavour. Suitable for both stewing and boiling soup it is served as whole in various chinese restaurant. Male Fish Maw is rich in collagen, therefore it is popular among pregnant women and postpartum mothers for nourishment. 

Nutritive Value :Fish Maw is high in protein level, nourishing, tonifying kidney and can dissipate fatigue. It can also speed up the recovery process after surgery
產地 :巴西

特色 :產自巴西,主要以大黃花魚製作。扎膠形狀修長,中間厚實,膠質重,屬於中上級數的花膠。口感腍滑中帶彈性,食味甜香,煲煮炆燉皆宜。不少酒樓會以之原隻上桌作花膠扒用。花膠公膠質豐盈,因此不少女士於懷孕中期或坐月子期間會以花膠進補。
食療價值 :花膠含豐富蛋白質,可滋陰、固腎,有助人體消除疲勞,對外科手術後的傷口恢復有幫助。

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