On Kee Premium Cordyceps King (85-95pcs) 安記 貢品冬蟲草皇 (85-95條/兩)
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Origin : 
China Tibet
產地 : 中國西藏那曲

特色 :冬蟲草又名冬蟲夏草,是一種矜貴滋補的中藥材。一如其名冬蟲草既是動物亦是植物;是一種昆蟲與真菌的結合體。由於至今不能人工培植,產量稀少,加上備受中醫嘉許其食療及藥用調理功效,因此價格一直高企。冬蟲夏草食法亦不少,多用作煲粥、老火湯、泡茶浸酒,甚至磨粉直接食用。

食療價值 :補腎助陽,補肺定喘,且補而不燥,四季皆宜,長期服用有助增強人體免疫能力。

推介菜式 :多種食法,可以製作出蟲草燉花膠、冬蟲草淮杞燉瘦肉。

煮食方法 :洗淨原枝使用或磨粉均可。

適合人士 :一般人士可用,兒童宜在醫生建議下服用。
Features : Cordyceps is a precious and nourishing Chinese herb which is a combination of insect body and fungus. It cannot be cultivated manually, scarce in production. It's dietary and medical therapeutic effect is highly acknowledge by Chinese doctors. It can be used in various ways, for boiling congee, soup, brewing tea and wine. It can also be grained into powder can consumed directly. 
Nutritive Value :Tonifying kidneys, invigorate lungs and improve inspiration to relieve dyspnea. Also, improve body immunity when taken over a prolonged period.

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