ORONINE  H Ointment 30G  娥羅納英H軟膏 30克
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Product Details:

It is a hydrophilic ointment containing
chlorhexidine gluconate

Pieces per Container


Product Usage

Rub into the affected part twice or three times a day until white colour disappears. Depending on the symptoms, apply ointment with gauze, absorbent cotton or with clean fingertips directly to the affected part.
For the treatment of acne or eruptions, gently apply a small amount of ointment to the affected area with a fingertip. Wipe off excess with a soft cloth or a piece of gauze.
For minor burns, apply an appropriate amount of ointment to the burned area and then cover the area with a piece of gauze. Served to prevent infection.
For minor cuts, apply an appropriate amount of ointment to the wound. Serves to prevent infection.
For athlete's foot, apply an appropriate amount of ointment to the affected area after bathing. Apply everyday to ensure maximum effectiveness. It is not effective for the treatment of wet athlete's foot.
For ringworm, apply an appropriate amount of ointment to the affected area.
For chapped skin of chilblains, apply an appropriate amount of ointment to the affected area after washing or bathing or before going to bed.

Product Warnings

Important precautions
Do not use Oronine H Ointment in the following instances. The symptoms may worsen or adverse effects may occur.
1. On eczema ( incl. sores and rash )
2. As a makeup use
3. On insect bites
Condition required
(1) The following people should consult a physician or pharmacist before using Oronine H Ointment.
1. People who are receiving treatment from a physician.
2. People who are allergic to medicines or cosmetics, or people who have family members with such allergies.
3. People with a history of hypersensitivity reactions (rash, redness, itching, irritated skin, etc.) to medications or cosmetics.
4. Person in whom the affected area is extensive.
5. Person with severe weeping injuries or open sores.
6. Person with severe injuries or burns.
(2) In the following situations, immediately stop using Oronine H Ointment and consult a physician or pharmacist.
1. Occurrence of the symptoms of rash, redness, itching, swelling, and dry, chapped skin after use.
2. No improvement of symptoms after use for 5 to 6 days.

Storage Condition

1) Keep tightly sealed and store at room
temperature in a cool place away from direct sunlight
2) Keep this product out of the reach of children
3) To avoid misuse and to ensure quality, do not store Oronine H Ointment in other containers
4) Use the product before the expiration date indicated on the package and the container
5) Avoid hitting the container which is made of glass. Handle with care if broken


For the treatment of acne, eruptions, minor burns, minor cuts from sharp objects, athlete's foot, ringworm, chapped skin or chilblains.



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