Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Mild Milk Set SPF50+ PA++++ 2pcs  Anessa 極防水輕爽低敏乳液限定套裝 SPF50+PA++++ 2件裝
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Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Mild Milk Set SPF50+ PA++++ (60ml+12ml)

This is a mild and nourishing skincare sunscreen that protects skin against harmful UV and environmental stimuli, leaving skin nourished and protected all day long!

Product Features:
• Super water-proof and sun-proof: formulated with the World's first "Smooth Protect" technology which makes UV veil stronger. In contact with sweat and water, skin is still protected against the sun with Aqua Booster EX Technology, no matter with rubbing or frictions.
• Skin nourishing: it is a lightweight milk that contains 50% of the skincare essence* to prevent photoageing.
• Gentle formula: it does not contain alcohol, preservatives (paraben), fragrance and colorant. Hence it is suitable for sensitive skin and baby aged 6-month year old, while can be easily removed with soap.

*Data from Anessa official website

• Peony Root Extract , Hyaluronic Acid: moisturizing skin

【Anessa (安熱沙) 極防水輕爽低敏乳液限定套裝 SPF50+PA++++】(60毫升+12毫升)


• 世界首創「Smooth Protect 柔力禦強」防曬技術。使極微細防曬粒子無縫覆蓋肌膚,形成更持久及鞏固的UV防禦網。
• 產品更通過80分鐘浸水測試,證實「極防水」效果。配合「Aqua Booster EX 遇汗禦強防摩擦技術」,遇汗或水時,防禦膜更鞏固、均勻緊貼肌膚!
• 輕爽乳液質感、不泛白,使用一般潔膚產品能輕易卸除。蘊含50%護膚精華,如牡丹根精華、透明質酸等,呵護肌膚。
• 配方強效而溫和,通過皮膚科醫生測試。不含酒精、防腐劑Paraben、香料及色素,敏感肌膚或6個月以上嬰幼兒也適用。

• 牡丹根精華、透明質酸:呵護肌膚

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