ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Base Makeup 10g (Natural) SPF50+ PA+++  ANESSA 極緻無瑕美肌UV粉餅 10g (自然) SPF50+ PA+++
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Product Detail

1/ Double Defense Technology
- Aqua Booster EX Technology
The ingredient reacts with ions to reinforce the veil. After sweating, the Aqua Booster ingredients (-ion) & minerals (+ion) bond to form and make even UV veil at the large level.
“Rubbing-resistant” function added on Aqua BoosterTechnology, and preventing the veil from transferring and coming off.

- water resistant
Proven water resistant after 40-minute pool

2/ 50% skincare formulation to prevent photoaging

3/ Time Control Powder: Resists sebum for a long-lasting beautiful finish.
4/ Covers pores and uneven textures naturally.
5/ Non-comedogenic
6/ Colorant-free. Dermatologist-tested
7/ Harmonizes sweat odor into refreshing fragrance.
8/ Washes off easily with regular makeup remover.
1/ 雙重增強UV防禦技術
Aqua Booster 遇汗禦強技術接觸汗水時,遇汗禦強成分與汗水的離子結合,於肌膚表面形成均勻的防禦膜。

2/ Water resistant 防水
3/ 揉合50%護膚精華,有效預防光造成的肌膚衰老

4/ 加入控油粉末,實現持久美妝效果
5/ 自然遮蓋毛孔,幼滑貼服,營造透亮陶瓷肌
6/ 可作粧前底霜使用
7/ 不含致粉刺成分
8/ 通過皮膚科醫生測試
9/ 帶有清新柑橘香味
10/ 使用一般卸妝產品輕易卸除

Product Usage

1/ Take up some product on the sponge, and spread from the center of the face outward.
2/ Build desired coverage by tapping on additional layers.

1/ 取適量於海綿,均勻輕掃全面。
2/ 需要遮瑕的部位可用海綿輕拍重疊塗抹。




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