Joseristine H2O Hydrating Cleansing Water (Make-up Remover) 300ml  12杯水卸妝水 300ml
$21.15 USD
Country of origin

Hong Kong

Product Features:
This gentle formula helps revive your skin to a pure and flawless state. It effectively removes make-up without building up, and cleanses mature, keratinized dead cells from your skin. Rich in skin-soothing botanical extracts and origins from Switzerland opuntia streptacantha stem extract, this gentle cleanser keeps your skin hydrated and relaxed without a feeling of tightness.

Main Ingredients:
Opuntia Streptacantha Stem Extract, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Leaf Extract

How to Use:
No need to add water. Saturate cotton with cleansing water, after wipe face and neck gently, rinse with water (avoid eye and lip areas). Not applicable for eye make-up. If needed, it's suggested to use eye makeup remover designed for sensitive skin around eye areas.




不用加水,泵出並沾濕化妝棉,輕輕抹拭面部及頸部,最後以清水沖洗便可。 此產品不適用於眼部卸妝,如需卸除眼部化妝,建議使用眼部卸妝產品。

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