KOBAYASHI Netsusama Cooling Gel Sheet for Adult 6P 小林製藥 小林退熱貼 成人6貼裝
$9.90 USD

Product Details

For Adult's Fever and Headache, Heat Relief. Long-lasting Cooling effect


Pieces per Container

6 pcs

Product Usage

1. Remove the transparent film, and tightly attach the gel cooling surface on the desired body area.
2. Cut the cooling gel sheet to a suitable size with scissors according to the size of affected region.
3. Use each cooling gel sheet once only due to the reason of sanitation and effectiveness.
.Store in refrigerator for better cooling effect. (Do not store in freezer)

1. 撕去透明膠紙,將膠片的冷卻面緊貼在需退熱的部位
2. 可依照使用部位大小剪下使用
3. 鑑於衛生和產品效果,每張只可使用一次
.保存在雪櫃等地方冷藏後使用,冷卻感效果更佳 (不需放在雪櫃冰格冷藏)

Product Warnings

.Do not use the cooling gel sheet on eyes or any injured body area (e.g. cut, eczema, rash, burns, thermal injury, etc.)
.Take extra care while using the cooling gel sheet on babies and infants or persons with weak skin. If any irritation such as swelling, rashes, etc., occurs during or after use, stop using immediately and consult a dermatologist.
.When the cooling gel sheet is used on babies and infants or those who cannot apply the product themselves, use under supervision of parents or other responsible adults, and pay special attention not to let them eat or place the product into their mouth or nostril to prevent from suffocation.
.The cooling gel sheet is not a medicine. If fever persists, please consult a doctor.

Storage Condition

After open, fold the sachet twice and store it inside product box. Avoid storing in places under high temperature. Keep in a dark cool place for storage.


Cooling effect lasts for whole night. Stick firmly on forehead to relieve fever heat and body heat.




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