On Kee 30-35 pcs/ Catty Africa Grass Sea Bass Fish Maw 安記 30 - 35隻/斤 清水非洲花膠筒
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Features :High-quality fish maws are crystal clear under lights, without any purple bruises with clearly visible texture and patterns. Dried from striped bass's air bladders, it is the most common type of fish maw in the market. Smaller fish maws are usually used for boiling soup, while larger fish maws are used for stew dishes. High in protein level, pregnant mothers love to consume fish maws for nourishment.    
產地 :非洲

特色 :花膠是以魚鰾製成的乾貨,而清水花膠即指在燈光映照下晶瑩通透,無紫黑血塊,紋理清晰的優質花膠,非洲花膠以鱸魚的魚鰾製成。鱸魚花膠筒是現時市面上最常見的花膠,因其頭數大小多,大者可用作炆煮,較小的亦可用於煲湯,豐儉由人。因花膠含豐富蛋白質,因此不少懷孕女士於懷孕中、後期以之進補。

食療價值 :花膠含豐富蛋白質,可滋陰、固腎,有助人體消除疲勞,對外科手術後的傷口恢復有幫助。

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