On Kee 35-50 pcs/ Catty Japan Kanto Prickly Sea Cucumber 安記 35-50支/斤 日本標津關東刺參
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Features :Prickly Sea Cucumber, smooth and tender in texture, aromatic. Kanto Sea Cucumber has less spikes than Hokkaido Sea cucumber, yet it has 4 columns of spikes. Succulent and thick with significant spikes. Habitat in the deep cold water region in the ocean, therefore, it has a chewy, smooth and thick and superior texture. 

Nutritive Value :Sweet in flavour, Mild in nature. Rich in nutrient value, high in protein level and easy to absorb. Tonifying vital fluid essence in the body and nourishing kidney. Tender texture and easy to digest, sea cucumber's nutrition can be directly absorbed. Suitable for both the young and the elderly. 
產地 : 日本標津關東

特色 :刺參,又名遼參。刺參與其它類型的海參相比,肉質爽滑又香味,海參的刺明顯突出,所以得名。標津刺參肉身特別厚但比北海道刺參較少刺,通常是6排刺。由於長年生活在冷冰的海洋深處,味香爽脆煙韌。

食療價值 :海參味甘,性平,營養價值高,含有豐富的蛋白質,容易吸收,具有滋陰補腎的功用。因其肉質細嫩,易消化,容易吸收海參的營養,老少皆宜。

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