On Kee 50-65 pcs/ Catty Norwegian Fish Maw 安記 挪威花膠(50-65頭)
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Origin : 

Features :The water quality in Norway is closely monitored by the government. Cold and clear, the high-quality Norway water breeds superior seafood.  

Nutritive Value :Fish Maw is high in protein level, nourishing, tonifying kidney and can dissipate fatigue. It can also speed up the recovery process after surgery
產地 :挪威

特色 :挪威水質冰冷清澈,加上政府嚴密監管水質使挪威海產產量豐富,品質優秀。產自挪威的鱈魚花膠質量自然亦高,潔淨無腥,膠質豐富,看似薄片,但浸發效果十分理想,可浸發至約半厘米厚,口感厚實,而且因挪威鱈魚膠產量大,價格相對經濟實惠,因此近年大受食家追捧。

食療價值 :花膠含豐富蛋白質,可滋陰、固腎,有助人體消除疲勞,對外科手術後的傷口恢復有幫助。

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