On Kee 61-70 pcs/ Catty Japan Hokkaido Prickly Sea Cucumber (East) 安記 61-70支/斤 日本北海道刺參 (東)
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Features :Hokkaido Prickly Sea Cucumber, abundant and dense conical spikes, reaching 10 columns of spikes. Smooth and tender in texture, aromatic and succulent, Hokkaido Prickly Sea Cucumber is famous among the general public. Experienced in making Sea Cucumber and suitable climate for processing sea cucumber, Hokkaido Sea Cucumber belongs to top quality. Hokkaido Sea Cucumber habitat in the deep cold water region in the ocean, therefore, it has a chewy, smooth and thick and superior texture. 
產地 : 北海道

特色 :北海道刺參,刺多而密,可達六排刺之多。 刺參,又名遼參。刺參與其它類型的海參相比,肉質爽滑又香味,海參的刺明顯突出,所以得名。刺參當中以日本的水準最高,日本方面製作經驗豐富,天氣適宜加工乾海產,品質穩定,因此極受食家歡迎。由於長年生活在冷冰的海洋深處,味香爽脆煙韌,口感口味亦是衆多海參中最佳,所以它的價格亦是最高的。

食療價值 :海參味甘,性平,營養價值高,含有豐富的蛋白質,容易吸收,具有滋陰補腎的功用。因其肉質細嫩,易消化,容易吸收海參的營養,老少皆宜。

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