On Kee African Fish Maw Pieces (22-24 pcs / Catty) 安記 非洲花膠片(22-24頭)
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Features :Fish maws are dried from fish's air bladders. Sliced from Grass Fish Maw, the fish maw pieces has fewer white blocks and less fishy in scent. Fish maws pieces are served as whole, it's budget friendly and pleasing in apperance, commonly used by Chinese restaurant for banquet. High in protein level, pregnant mothers love to consume fish maws for nourishment.    

Nutritive Value :Fish Maw is high in protein level, nourishing, tonifying kidney and can dissipate fatigue. It can also speed up the recovery process after surgery

Suggested Recipe :  It's usually used for boiling soup. For example, Fish Maw Sea Cucumber Soup, Fish Maw Sea Conch Chicken Soup and Cordyceps Militaris Fish Maw Chicken soup. It could be served with dried mushrooms. 
產地 :非洲

特色 :花膠是以魚鰾製成的乾貨,花膠片即指將花膠筒切開成片處理。非洲花膠片少白塊,乾淨無腥。花膠片多用於原隻上碟作花膠扒菜式,既美觀又經濟,因此亦有不少酒樓以花膠片入饌以供宴席之用。除宴席外,因花膠含豐富蛋白質,因此不少懷孕女士於懷孕中、後期以之進補,深受女士歡迎。

食療價值 :花膠含豐富蛋白質,可滋陰、固腎,有助人體消除疲勞,對外科手術後的傷口恢復有幫助。

推介菜式 :多種食法,可以製作出花膠海參湯、花膠嚮螺雞湯、花膠蟲草花煲雞湯、冬菇炆花膠。

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