On Kee Black Goji Berry 180G 安記 黑枸杞子 180G
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Features :Black Goji Berry and wolfberry are both nightshade but two completely different plants. Grown in Gobi desert, it's the highest content of Proanthocyanidin wild plant discovered so far. Rich in Proanthocyanidin, it will change colour when soaked in water due to differences in acidity. Turning blue with tap water, turning violet with mineral water. Rich in nutrient level, sweet in flavour. Colourful and magnificent, it's a popular healthy food in recent years. 

Nutritive Value :Rich in anthocyanidin, it's anti-oxidizing. High in protein level, vitamins A and B2. 
產地 : 中國

特色 :黑枸杞與枸杞子兩者同屬茄科,但是兩種不同的植物。黑枸杞生長於荒漠戈壁,為黑果枸杞的果實,黑枸杞是迄今發現天然原花青素含量最高的野生植物,因含豐富花青素,黑枸杞泡水會因水的酸鹼度而變色,如遇自來水變藍;遇礦泉水變紫,因其營養豐富,味帶微甜,加上色彩絢麗而成為近年大熱的健康食材。

食療價值 :黑枸杞含豐富花青素,有良好抗氧化作用,亦含蛋白質、維生素A、B2、B2等。

推介菜式 :多種食法,可以製作出黑枸杞山楂蜜、黑枸杞菊花茶。

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