On Kee Chinese Dried Scallop -  安記 特選元貝仔
$38.90 USD
Origin : 

產地 : 中國

特色 : 元貝仔,適合日常自家食用,價錢親民,易煮稔,方便使用。 可口,性平,一般群眾可食用。含有豐富蛋白質, 充滿營養。

食療價值 :具有滋陰補腎,健脾調中的食療效果。經常食用更有助補益健身。

Features : Chinese Dried Scallop is suitable for daily household consumption with a budget-friendly price. Easy to soften, it is more convenient to prepare. Delicate in flavour  and mild in nature, it is suitable for the general public to consume. High in protein and nutrient value.
Nutritive Value :Dried Scallop can nourish the vital essence and tonify the kidney. Consuming it regularly can further strengthen your body.

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