On Kee Flower Mushroom Gift Box 454G 安記 特級花菇禮盒 454G
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產地 : 中國


特色 : 花菇適逢在天氣稍涼,雨水較少的二月至三月生長。由於菇肉慢慢生長,所以菇面會呈爆裂花紋,俗稱花菇。精美禮盒裝,無論是新年,中秋等節日送禮,為親朋戚友送上祝福還是自用皆宜。

食療價值 :冬菇營養價值十分豐富,含有大量蛋白質,是一種高纖低脂肪的健康食品
Features :  Grown during February and March when the climate is cooler and have lower rainfall, flower mushroom tends to develop slower, forming a unique pattern on its surface. Elegant Gift Box package, suitable for self-use or sending blessings for relatives and friends during celebrations like Lunar New Year or Mid-Autumn Festival.

Nutritive Value :Dried Mushroom is high in nutriental value, containing a lot of protein. It is a high-fiber, low fat healthy product. 

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