On Kee Japanese Hokkaido Dried Scallop - Bits  安記 日本北海道碎元貝
$47.90 USD
Origin : 
產地 : 日本北海道

特色 : 元貝碎,適合日常自家食用,價錢親民,方便使用。 味道跟元貝一樣,鮮甜可口,性平,一般群眾可食用。含有豐富蛋白質, 充滿營養。

食療價值 :具有滋陰補腎,健脾調中的食療效果。經常食用更有助補益健身。
Features : Dried Scallop Bits is suitable for daily household consumption with a budget-friendly price. It is more convenient to prepare with a Delicate and Sweet like full dried scallop. Mild in nature, it is suitable for the general public to consume. High in protein and nutrient value.
Nutritive Value :Dried Scallop can nourish the vital essence and tonify the kidney. Consuming it regularly can further strengthen your body. 

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