On Kee Japanese Hokkaido Dried Scallop - M size 安記 日本北海道 M 元貝
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產地 : 日本北海道

特色 : 元貝,又稱爲瑤柱。 自清朝以被奉為「海八珍」之一。味道鮮甜,性平,一般群眾均適合食用。含有豐富蛋白質, 鮮香回甘,是昇華菜式鮮味的好幫手。元貝分爲不同等級,越大的元貝營養價值越高。

食療價值 :具有滋陰補腎,健脾調中的食療效果。經常食用更有助補益健身。
Features : The dried scallop is considered as one of Sea Eight Treasures. Delicate and sweet in flavour as well as high in protein. Mild in nature,  it is suitable for the majority to consume. It is a good choice for bringing up the flavour in several dishes. The quality of Dried Scallop is divided into various levels. Larger in size, richer in nutrient level. 
Nutritive Value :Dried Scallop can nourish the vital essence and tonify the kidney. Consuming it regularly can further strengthen your body. 
Suggested Recipe :Ranging from the refreshing Dried Scallop Luffa soup to body-warming Chicken Stew Soup, Dried Scallop Egg White to Dried Scallop Congee, Dried Scallop is also an indispensable ingredient.   

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