ROBERTSON Jelly Powder 5 Flavor Set 5X80G 羅拔臣 啫喱粉5味套裝 5X80G
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Hong Kong

Product Details
ROBERTSON Jelly Powder Lychee Flavor 80G 羅拔臣 啫喱粉荔枝味 80G
ROBERTSON Jelly Powder Black Currant Flavor 80G 羅拔臣 啫喱粉黑加侖子味 80G
ROBERTSON Jelly Powder Lime Flavor 80G 羅拔臣 啫喱粉青檸味 80G
ROBERTSON Jelly Powder Mango Flavor 80G 羅拔臣 啫喱粉芒果味 80G
ROBERTSON Jelly Powder Strawberry Flavor 80G 羅拔臣 啫喱粉士多啤梨味 80G 
- Easy to make
- Colourful appearance icy jelly perfect for chilling in summer
- Refreshing fruit taste

Product Usage

Mix 225ml of hot water to disoolve the jelly powder, then mix 225ml of cold water, pour into jelly cups and refrigerate it.

Product Warnings

Gelatine is Animal Protein Origin

Storage Condition

Store in a cool, dry place.

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