Two Girls Florida Water 100ML  雙妹嘜 花露水(噴霧裝)100毫升
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kills 99.9% of germs. Prevent heatstroke, against heat and hot weather. Add suitable amount to hot bath for relaxation or add few drops to hot towel to apply on face after drunk. Spray in room as air freshener; Prevent infant's prickly heat.

Main Ingredients: Essence of Lavender, Peppermint, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Clove and distilled water, S.D.Alcohol 39-C

Usage: Apply on skin directly (except face) or put it into hot water (Do not apply on injured area).有效殺滅99.9%細菌。有消暑之效用,防中暑,能舒緩不適的感覺;放適量於熱水中浸浴或浸腳,可消除疲勞,令你精神煥發;放數滴於熱毛巾中,然後直接敷於臉上,可作解酒之用;可作空氣清新劑使用;對嬰兒有防熱痱之效。

主要成分: 薰衣草精華、薄荷精華、檸檬精華、玉桂精華、丁香精華、蒸餾水、酒精

使用方法: 可直接用於肌膚表面(除臉部)或放於熱水中使用(請勿用於傷口上)。

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