Two Girls Florida Water Soap 85G 雙妹嘜 花露水香梘85克
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For body and hand wash, gently clean and moisturise skin, help to prevent itching caused by dry skin. It can be also placed in wardrobe which effectively expel insects and get rid of smell.

Main Ingredients: Lavender, Mint, Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove, Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Chloride

Usage: Lather on wet skin or on shower sponge, gentle massage all over body and rinse off.
可用於沐浴、浸浴或清潔雙手;清爽保濕,預防因肌膚乾燥而引起之痕癢,有助去除背部油脂粒; 亦可置於衣櫃及鞋櫃中,香氣可幫助驅趕昆蟲,趕走異味,帶來陣陣清香。

主要成分: 薰衣草、薄荷、檸檬、玉桂、丁香、棕櫚酸酯鈉、氯化鈉

使用方法: 於沐浴球或手心上搓揉至起泡,然後輕輕揉洗身體肌膚,以清水沖洗即可。

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