Wai Yuen Tong Herbal Essence Chewable Throat Drops -15pcs 位元堂 雙層潤喉軟糖 (蜂膠八仙果配方) -15粒包裝
$4.90 USD
  • Wai Yuen Tong Herbal Essence Chewable Throat Drops supremely formulated from extract of Propolis and Finger Citron, the main ingredient of Ba Xian Guo with double texture.

    • Functions:

      Nourish your throat, refresh breath and relieve throat discomfort

    • Ingredient:

      Sugar,Maltose,Coconut Oil, Gelatin,Kumquat, Plum, Herbal Extract( Dried Tangerine Peel, Grosvenor Momordica Fruit, Boat-fruited Sterculia Seed,Finger Citron), Mentholum, Flavor,Color(E150d),Propolis, Glazing Agent(E903)

    • Dosage:

    • Packaging

      15 pieces per pack

    • Remark:

      Store in a cool place. Keep away from sunlight.


    位元堂雙層潤喉軟糖,特製蜂膠八仙果配方,甘香外層配上煙韌軟心,雙層口感, 嚴選用以配製八仙果的佛手柑及多種天然草本精華煉製。蜂膠能抗氧化;八仙果能化痰潤喉、生津利咽。

    • 功能 / 主治:


    • 主要成份:

      砂糖、麥芽糖、 椰子油、明膠、柑桔、梅子、植物萃取物(陳皮、羅漢果、胖大海、佛手柑)、 薄荷腦、香料、色素(E150d)、蜂膠、 上光劑(E903)

    • 使用方法:

    • 包裝:


    • 備註:



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