Wai Yuen Tong Rock Sugar Lemon & Tangerine Peel Syrup Filled Hard Candy 15pcs 位元堂 陳皮冰糖檸檬夾心糖 15粒包裝
$4.90 USD
  • The Candy is madewith syrup of Rock Sugar Stewed Lemon withTangerine Peel. It helps moisturizing thethroat. After biting the candy, the sweet and sour taste of the syrup will spillout immediately. Let’s enjoying the impact of multiple textures and tastesaltogether.

    • Functions:

      Nourish your throat, refresh breath and relieve throat discomfort

    • Ingredient:

      Sugar, Glucose Syrup (contains Preservative (Sulfites)and Acidity Regulator (E331,E330)), Syrup of Rock Sugar Stewed Lemon withTangerine Peel (Lemon, Rock Sugar, Slab Sugar, Dried Tangerine Peel) , AcidityRegulator (E330) , Dried Tangerine Peel Powder, Flavorings.

    • Packaging

      15 pieces per pack

    • Remark:

      Store in a cool place. Keep away from sunlight.



    • 功能 / 主治:


    • 主要成份:

      糖、葡萄糖漿 (含有防腐劑 (亞硫酸鹽) 及酸度調節劑 (E331, E330))、陳皮冰糖燉檸檬糖漿 (檸檬、冰糖、黃片糖、新會陳皮)、酸度調節劑 (E330)、陳皮粉、調味劑。使用方法:

    • 包裝:


    • 備註:



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