Wai Yuen Tong Red Date and Ginger Tea 8 Sachets 位元堂 紅棗薑茶8包裝
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內含原片老薑及紅棗,滋味芳香,味道純正。 紅棗薑茶能暖胃暖身、秀身美白及滋潤養顏,男女老幼皆宜。成份中赤糖的營養價值對肌膚有獨到的功效,能促進皮膚的新陳代謝及肌膚再生。.

  • 功能 / 主治:


  • 主要成份:

    紅棗精華、紅棗香精, 生薑油、甜味劑(E951)。

  • 使用方法:


  • 包裝:


  • Wai Yuen Tong Red Date and Ginger Tea is extract from ginger, high-quality red date and Brown sugar, with slices of ginger and red date.

    • Functions:

      It tastes aromatic and pure. It can warm the stomach and body, shapes the body, whiten and mositurize skin. It is suitable for people for all ages.

    • Ingredient:

      Ginger, Red Date, Sucrose, Brown Sugar, Lactose (Milk products), Flavouring (Red Date Essence), Sweetener (E951).

    • Dosage:

      Add 200ml of hot water to one sachet of the granules with slices of ginger and red dates. Stir well before serving.

    • Packaging

      8 sachets per box.

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