A.H.C Premium Hydra Soother Cellulose Mask ( 5piece ) 高效保濕鎖水透明質酸面膜(第三代) (5片裝)
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A.H.C Premium Hydra Soother Cellulose Mask (27ml × 5pcs)
Enriched with Hydra Vital Complex, this moisturizing mask can effectively boost up the moisture level of skin and instantly smooth dry skin.

This new generation B5 essence mask provides remarkable hydrating power to skin:
Moisturizing Skin: Formulated with sodium hyaluronate, vitamin B5 and centella asiatica extracts, it keeps moisture and comfortable against dryness.
Enhancing Skin Elasticity: Add hydrolyzed collagen and ginseng extract, it effectively smooth rough skin for fine pores, restore soft skin texture and make skin radiant.
Anti-inflammation: The soft and natural fiber mask that carries plenty of essence is fit to the face contour. It provides gentle skincare that even sensitive skin can be used

how to use

After completing the cleaning step, apply toner on your face. Then, put on the mask. Wait around 20 to 30 minutes then remove the mask, massage gently for better absorption of essence.


Sodium Hyaluronate: Moisturizing skin  Panthenol (Vitamin B5): Moisturize skin  Hydrolyzed Collagen: Improve skin elasticity  Centella Asiatica Extract: Sooth skin

suitable for

all skin type

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