Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris (200ml) 爽膚水混合性/油性 (200ml)
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Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris"Combination/Oily Skin" (200ml)
A toner brings the perfect cleansing effect, reconciles the oil on the skin surface, removes makeup perfectly and so, the skin is completely clean and feels really refreshing; it also tons and tightens pores, oily skin left clean and perfectly radiant and enhances better absorption for latter skincare products.

Product Features:
Alcohol-free, does not stimulate the skin.
Maintain the balance of the pH value, normalize surface oils and preserve the skin’s natural balance, effective to tighten pores.

how to use

Every morning and night, apply on face with a cotton pad after cleansing the face.


Iris extracts and sage extracts: Help to purify skin, the skin becomes radiant again.

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