Mentholatum Analgesic Ointment 28g 曼秀雷敦薄荷膏 28克
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Product Description

Effectively relieves nasal congestion and insect bites

Skin Type

All skin types

  • The penetration of peppermint can quickly relieve nasal congestion, headache, chest nausea, cough and skin pain caused by colds.
  • Prevent dry skin and lips, abrasions, sunburn, insect bites, heat rash and itching, etc.
  • Suitable for mild nature, adults and children two years or older
  • Suitable for use with medicines for colds and sinus congestion
  • 薄荷滲透作用,迅速舒緩傷風引致的鼻塞、頭痛、胸口翳悶、咳嗽及皮膚疼痛
  • 防止皮膚及口唇乾燥爆拆、擦傷、曬傷、昆蟲咬傷、熱痱及痕癢等
  • 性質溫和、成人及兩歲或以上兒童均適用
  • 適合與治療傷風及鼻竇腫塞的藥物同用

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